Come Vit Me If You Vant to Laugh

By far, the most popular post here on brainrow has been this one, with a funny YouTube video of a guy demonstrating speech recognition in Windows Vista. Well, too much of a good thing is never enough.

Computerworld has tracked down what they’re calling the top 10 funniest tech videos on YouTube. I don’t agree with every decision, but they’ve found some good stuff. Here’s their video #1:

You might not understand video #2 unless you watched the iPhone’s introduction at January’s Macworld Expo. (Apple customers are real fans.) Video #5, with comedian Wes Borg explaining tech support, is waaaay more true than you’d like to believe. The pranksters in video #7, messing with the demo machines at a trade show, may be just a little too proud of themselves.

Check them out.