May 20th, 2011


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Ohio SB5 Petition Map

Here’s a map of locations and contacts for a ballot-initiative petition to repeal Ohio’s notorious Senate Bill 5, which stripped state workers of many of their collective bargaining rights.

There seem to be a lot of empty areas…

Airy Persiflage

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This Time for Sure

This time for sure, I think.

As you have no doubt heard by now, an evangelical broadcaster with lots of followers is predicting that tomorrow will be the end of the world. I think he’s probably right.

Evangelicals have been predicting the end of the world for a couple centuries, now, and so far, all the predictions have been false. The present-day prophet has been wrong once before, himself. After that embarrassment, he went back to the old drawing board, studied very hard, double-checked his math, and this time he’s sure. Doesn’t the law of averages tell us that he’s due?

In the unlikely event that the world doesn’t end tomorrow — or maybe by Monday; I’m willing to allow some slop for rounding errors — I’m going to have to re-evaluate the credence these people deserve.

In such a case, the next time one of them says, “God wants you to do this,” or “God forbids you to do that,” I will be sorely tempted to reply, “Hah! Like you know!”

But I’m sure it won’t come to that. This time it’s for sure!