May 19th, 2011


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Little Dipper, Big Sky

From Astronomy Picture of the Day: I’ve looked up at the Little Dipper many times, never suspecting just how much I was missing.

Little dipper

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It Ain’t Easy

For years, I’ve been trying to find a way to say what Lawrence O’Donnell said quite effectively on Tuesday.

The Trump message on governing was that it’s easy.

The sad truth of the “governing is easy” message is, that view is actually shared by something close to 50% of the electorate.

[Arnold Schwarzenegger] ran for governor of the biggest state in the union claiming that governing was easy.

What is true of both of these men, the movie star and the reality TV star, is that they were ignorant enough about governing to actually believe what they were saying about it. No one, no Republican or Democrat, who has ever taken an oath of office as mayor, governor, senator or congresswoman believes that governing is easy. Office holders who know better in both parties have trafficked in that lie. Their political sin is much greater than that committed by Trump and Schwarzenegger.

The Trump-Schwarzenegger-like candidate who comes along next will offer simple-sounding solutions to very complex problems that the candidate does not and cannot understand. That candidate will brand himself or herself as confident, bold, tough and truthful. That candidate will not have the experience to be able to tell the one simple truth we know about government: to govern is to choose, and the choices are never easy.