April 24th, 2008


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An Important Part of the Process

I feel good knowing that voters play a small, but important, part in the process of electing a president.

I don’t think anybody in the Daily Show audience has seen The Grapes of Wrath.


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Inner Truth

Tony Blair portraitThis official portrait of a tired Tony Blair took me by surprise — in my mental image of him, Blair seems younger, more energetic, and more cheerful. In the portrait, he seems a weary and broken man.

Tony Blair was a fine man who made one grave error: he put his trust in George W. Bush.

I think he was a great friend to America, who thought he could restrain the worst impulses of the reckless Bush by being Bush’s closest ally. By going along with some of Bush’s plans, he imagined he would be well-positioned for the give-and-take on other matters. He didn’t realize that Bush is no give and all take. It took a toll on his political popularity. The portrait suggests it took a toll on Blair himself.

I’ve never seen a photograph that looks like this. But the artist, I think, has really captured the man’s essence.

A great portrait rarely looks just like the photos. Instead, it shows us what’s inside — the inner truth of the subject.

Who should do the official portrait of George W. Bush? What artist can capture his inner truth? I nominate Ward Sutton.

It’s true, the picture there doesn’t quite do justice to Bush. As in any good portrait, the artist flatters the subject.